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Gas detector rental

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Respiratory Equipment Training

In order to carry out certain works in
optimal security conditions, employees must have been
previously subjected to a mask adjustment which consists of a test
sealing ( fit test ) so that it is possible to determine which type
of respiratory mask best suits each person's physiognomy. Sealing
of the masks is of course the master variable of the optimization of the masks

Fit tests should
be conducted on an annual basis or when there is a necessary change of device


. Perform the (qualitative) seal test to determine the most suitable mask for the individual concerned

. Know the maintenance conditions & lifespan of the masks used


. Quantitative (QNFT) Respirator Fit Testing

. Disposable Face Mask Fit Testing for HEPA Series 100/99/95/P1/P2/P3 Masks

. Half Mask Fit Test

. Full face mask fit test

. Gas mask fit test

. PAPR mask fit test

. SCBA Mask Fit Test